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Will Brett is a campaigns, communications and public affairs consultant. He specialises in helping organisations build authentic connections with the people who matter to them.

In an era dominated by distrust, authentic relationships are at a premium. I work with businesses, campaign groups, NGOs and political causes to build the connections necessary for success.

High-profile and successful public policy campaigns include the End Legal Loan Sharking campaign to regulate payday lenders, and the award-winning Save Our Arches campaign to protect small businesses based in railway arches.

I am co-founder and director of We’re Right Here – the national campaign for community power. I am also a senior adviser for BB Partners, the advisory for changemakers; a policy fellow at Labour Together; an associate at the Sheila McKechnie Foundation; and a trustee for Larger Us.

I have worked with some of the UK’s leading politicians, campaign groups and research institutes, and have been published and featured widely in national media.

Previously I was a magazine journalist and editor.

Contact: will@willbrett.info